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Gun Mayhem 2

"Gun Mayhem 2" - the second part of the popular series of games "Gun Mayhem". In this interesting online flash game you need to move around the platform and fight the enemy team. Collect bonuses that sometimes appear on the playing field, because there may be additional weapons or lives in them. At the beginning you have the opportunity to create a character you want and then will be able to upgrade his abilities to bring them to perfection. Go through multiple levels and become a winner in this bloody battle! The official name of this wonderful shooter - Gun Mayhem 2 More Mayhem! So this is the long awaited sequel shooter, with even more stunning battles on a variety of arenas. Fight against computer or against your friends. On more positive side is that the game can be played simultaneously up to 4 people! Shoot, shoot and shoot again. This is the only thing that you need to win the competition. Terms of the contest are quite simple. Your enemies and you are thrown to the small island. Beyond its borders begins a bottomless pit. In fact, the only way to die is to fall in there. Bullets just push you closer and closer to the edge, but do not kill. In addition, each weapon has its own propulsion power. Unpretentious gun may need dozen hits, and a sniper rifle right throws at the other end of the screen. The new guns are supplied to you permanently. Only be on time to pick up a box with them before the opponent gets them to enjoy gifts. Otherwise the outcome of the battle can change dramatically, not in your favor. In addition to weapons in boxes there are such things as a temporary shield or invisibility. Try to guess on which platform you enemy could escape? In this game you have to jump on the platforms, collect weapons and power-ups, and, of course, kill all the enemies in the difficult path to victory! Try not to fall into the abyss, playing this exciting game with your friends! Rest assured, you will not be disappointed! COTROLs: 1-st player: Arrows - movement; Z - shoot; X - throw explosives. 2-nd player: WASD - movement; T - shoot; Y - throw explosives.

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